drupal 7


I was working on the SBA.gov project for about 2 years, as part of a team of developers. My responsibilities included:

MBDA.gov - Content and Site Migration from D6 - D7

My responsibilities included taking care of content and site migration of MBDA.gov site from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7. Implementing Drupal Migrate API for content migration of over 3000 nodes. As well as implementing custom drush commands for non-nodes entities, such as panels, views and blocks. Also leveraged tools such as DrupalVM and Open DevShop for Continuous Deployment.

See the newly migrated MBDA.gov site: https://www.mbda.gov/

UWC National Committee

This is a side project I do for the High School I attended. The UWC national committee system selects more than 1000 students each year from within their countries and territories to attend UWC schools, colleges and programmes. An active network of volunteers and staff make up UWC national committees which organize camps, a range of activities and formal interviews to establish students' commitment to UWC values and potential to thrive the UWC experience.

Display Drupal Node Using Ajax

For this example, we will use jQuery.ajax() to display the node via Ajax. jQuery.Ajax() expects a url and a settings object containing key/value pair that configure the request.

Display Custom Message on Node Save - D7

By Default, each time you created a new node, you will be shown a message saying something like "node {title} has been created". To override this message, with your own, you can do it programmatically from your own custom module.